Lisa H Lollar - Licensed Psychologist

Lisa H. Lollar, Psy.D., CC-AASP

Licensed Psychologist

1720 S. Bellaire Street, Suite 203, Denver, CO 80222


  • Adult Psychotherapy
  • Anxiety
  • Counseling
  • Depression
  • Life Transitions
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Relationships
  • Sport Psychology
  • Psychology for Performing Artists

People seek therapy because they need to make changes in their lives. You may feel overwhelmed by anxiety and depression. Perhaps you want to break free from old patterns and struggles. Therapy offers clarity, hope and the possibility of change. Therapy helps you achieve and maintain mental health.

Everyone comes to psychotherapy with a unique life experience. Because that experience informs who you are today, therapy includes an exploration of your past. The resulting self-knowledge is applied to your present life, with a focus on growth and forward movement.

The client-therapist relationship is key to the therapeutic process. That is why it is important that you be as comfortable as possible with the therapist. We are working together to make real changes in your outlook, sense of self-worth and daily life.

Whatever your struggles, I can help. Together, we can move toward greater clarity, hope and change.

Lisa H. Lollar, Psy.D., CC-AASP
Licensed Psychologist