Lisa H Lollar - Licensed Psychologist

Lisa H. Lollar - Psy.D., CC-AASP

Licensed Psychologist

1720 S. Bellaire Street, Suite 203, Denver, CO 80222

Taught and supervised graduate students in the Master of Arts in Sport and Performance Psychology, University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Psychology for Performing Artists

Psychology for Performing Artists applies special psychological techniques to enhance performance and reduce anxiety in performing artists. Through these techniques, musicians, dancers and actors learn to achieve optimal performance under pressure.

Psychology for Performing Artists can:
  • Reduce performance anxiety
  • Bolster confidence and motivation
  • Solidify goal-setting skills
  • Eliminate the dependence on anxiety reducing or performance enhancing substances
  • Increase concentration and focus
  • Develop mental toughness against public scrutiny
  • Improve work and personal relationships
  • Help performers transition from professional to recreational/amateur status
  • Provide coping skills for the family pressures experienced by artists
  • Help performers cope with the audition process and the possibility of rejection
  • Address the unavoidable self-comparisons with other performers

What types of performance enhancement services are offered?

  • Individualized programs for student, amateur and professional performers (range from a few sessions to provide a toolbox of techniques to on-going performance enhancement sessions)
  • Sessions focused on mental training (positive imagery, relaxation techniques and self-talk) to decrease anxiety and enhance performance
  • Counseling for the unique emotional issues that affect an artist’s ability to perform